The difference of Magliano Alfieri terrain make so that numerous crops can be cultivated.

Particularly the terrain clayey statements toward north, are particularly proper for the production of summer fruit.


In the years '50 Company "I Calici"  it began to cultivate peaches and plums, almost entirely supplanted today by the apricots, that succeed in accumulating a good sugary way and an intense coloration.

The greatest part of them are  sold fresh on the  markets, while a part is destined for the production of delicious syrups and jams

In fact, only some variety are proper for the manufacturing. Fruit is picked up and sent to a small handicraft laboratory, where it is washed, whole put in the pots, with addition of water and sugar, sterilized at 120°C, any type of preservative or dye.

The apricots destined to the jam, are made to mature for a longer time on the tree.

Then the laboratory handles to wash them, to remove the core, and to cook them to 50-60°C, vacuum, without preservative or thickeners. Only in this way they succeed in preserving at the most the nourishing ownerships, the color and the organoleptic qualities.


  • Crab Prevention
  • High antioxidants content
  • Useful for the cardiovascular health
  • High content of fibers
  • Useful for the eyes health
  • They oppose the anemia
  • It improves the health of your skin