Apricots in syrup “Madama albicocca”

Apricots in syrup, variety “kioto”, gr. 580


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Apricots variety “Kyoto”, grown following the directives of the integrated struggle, as regards the treatments field chemicals, and without the use of glyphosate or generic herbicides.

Fruits are harvested manually a few days before complete ripening, to ensure that, during sterilization at 120°C, the consistency of the pulp is not lost.

Brought to the artisan laboratory, they are washed, placed whole in the jars, added with a syrup of water and sugar, and sterilized at high temperature, without the addition of preservatives or dyes.

Excellent as a dessert alone, or accompanied by a scoop of neutral ice cream (vanilla, cream).

It is also recommended to taste the dipping syrup, a delicious juice of sweetened water that has a strong almond aroma, deriving from the apricot kernel.

Note: Own production, without preservetives and dyes.