This is what "Latins" said, and this also worth for the wine, because in the wine there is the history of a territory, dated million of years and the history of the man, more recent.


In a good bottle of wine, the quality is formed from 3 factors: the land, the weather and the man. The first two components are aspects that don't depend of our wish, therefore invariable, while the human job make the difference. It depend on producers to choose the variety of grape that more it suits itself for the type of terrain, growing the best, to get the best product. In this way half of the job is done, the winemaking remains in the winery, it must have conducted with the experience inherited by fathers and grandparents, with the help of the modern technology.


This is the philosophy of the wine-history of my family, started around in 1920 from my grandfather MR. Rava Alberto, followed by my father MR. Troia Luigi on 1960 and now from me, MR Troia Alberto. In the beginnings our Company produced grape, peaches, plums, apricots, pears, apples and there was also a small stall of meat calves. While the production of grape and wine it increased in the years, the other crops progressively reduced theyself. Today there are around 7 hectares grown (4 hectares grown of grape and 3 grown of apricots), partly in ownership and partly in lease.


The best grapes Barbera and Nebbiolo come produced in own winery, while the apricots are sold fresh on the markets or used for syrups and jams.


.and meanwhile, we keep on writing the history.


(Alberto Troia)