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This was what the Latins said, and it’s good also for the wine, because in the wine there is the history of a territory, dated millions of years, and the history of man, much more recent.

In a good bottle of wine, quality is made  up of 3 factors:
– The Soil
– The Climate
– The man

The first two components are aspects that do not depend on our will and therefore invariable, while human works make the difference.

It’s up to us producers  to choose the variety of grapes that best  suits the type of soil, to cultivate it in the best way to obtain the best product.

So, half of works is done, the winemaking remains in the cellar which must be done with the experience inherited form fathers and grandparents, assisted by modern technology.

This is the philosophy of our family’s wine history, which began around the year 1920 by “Alberto Rava”, continued then by “Luigi Troia” around the year 1960, and now by “Alberto Troia” and his son Ivan.

At the beginning our farm produced grapes, peaches, plums, apricots, pears, apples, and there was also a small stable beef calves.

As the production of grapes and wine increased over the years, other crops gradually decreased.

Today, seven hectares are cultivated (4 hectares of grapes and 3 hectares of apricots), some owned and some rented.

Best Barbera and Nebbiolo grapes are vinified in their  own cellar, while apricots are sold fresh on the nearby markets or used for syrups and jams.

….and meanwhile, in our own small way, we continue to write the history….

Magliano Alfieri

One of the most beautiful villages in the Roero.

Magliano Alfieri [“Majan” in local dialect] is an old italian town of 2.170 inhabitants in the province of Cuneo. Piedmont.

it is part of the geographical delimitation of  the Roero.

Previously called  “Magliano d’Alba”, since 30 gennaio del 1910 it was called “Magliano Alfieri”.