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Discover Roero

Roero is a geographical area that is located in Italy, in Piedmon Region, and it’s made  up of twenty-four municipalities.

It’s easily accesible from all  directions:

  • From Turin, Milan, Aosta:
    South ring road of Turin, then follow indication for “SP 929” direction to Alba
  • Coming from Liguria Region (Genoa):
    A6 – Highway Turin-Savona (ATS), recommended exit: Marene or Carmagnola
Comune di Magliano Alfieri
Roero hectares wineyards
Total Acreage
Magliano Alfieri altitude
Average Temprature

The Castles of Roero

Medieval castles and eighteenth-century residences dominate the hills and enclose the history and culture of the area

Some of them can be visited and open to the public, and house museums and interesting collections.

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380 mt. above sea level

Baldissero d'Alba

380 mt. above sea level

Included after the year 1000 in the fief of Sommariva Perno, Baldissero is sold half by the Lords of Sommariva to the marquis Federico II of Saluzzo at the beginning of the ‘200.

The total detachment occurs around 1268: two years after William, who had obtained Baldissero in the division between the “domains of Summaripa”, is already called “de Baudesseto”.

In 1487, during the war for the Marquisate of Saluzzo, Baldissero was conquered by Charles I of Savoy, later returned to the Colonna family (surname that the local lords had given themselves – mid ‘400 – boasting false origins from the Roman Columns).

285 mt. above sea level


285 mt. above sea level

The City is considered the capital of Roero, it gave rise to the international Slow Food movement, an organization that promotes the discovery, albeit slow, of genuine flavors that characterize our territory.

Rich in palaces and churches, it is one of the major centers of the Piedmont Baroque.

Do not miss the Roman finds, dating back to the second century BC, admirable in Pollenzo(near Bra) and the Traversa Palace.

194 mt above sea level


194 mt above sea level

Heart of the Roero, with its historic cellars and the many typical shops, the historic center of Canale clearly preserves (with the orthogonal streets and the arcades on the side of the “main road”) the “villanova” system that the municipality of Asti founded in 1260 to convey the populations of the ancient surrounding settlements (Anterisio, Loreto di Canale, Castelletto d’Astisio, Canale ‘vecchio’ and other minors), after the defeat of the Counts of Biandrate.

285 mt above sea level


285 mt above sea level

Castellinaldo can undoubtedly be defined as the most visited village in the Roero, with its 63% of the territory cultivated with vineyards.

Setting your gaze from the highest points towards the valleys and the underlying ridges allows you to grasp the vision of an agricultural landscape that is a true, splendid work of art with geometry and sinuous lines.

328 mt above sea level

Magliano Alfieri

328 mt above sea level

Magliano Alfieri, located 328 meters above sea level on a sort of natural viewpoint over the Tanaro valley and the Langa hills facing it, presents the most interesting buildings in the historic concentric of Magliano Alto.The Castle, a grandiose residence built in the seventeenth century of the Alfieri, houses two museums open to the public.Located in a suggestive position, it was a place of stay for the young Vittorio Alfieri, destined to become one of the greatest Italian tragic poets.It is surrounded by wide panoramic views and a well-kept garden, and is a stage of the Romantic Road of Langhe and Roero.

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